Meeting at Abridge Village Hall

39 Ongar Road Abridge Essex


Encounter House Church is a

Registered Chariity No: 1177381

Church Office

Love Lane, Ongar Essex

CM5 9BL 01277 364276    Contact Information


Encounter House currently meets In Abridge Village Hall twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Sundays. We meet and fellowship with many others from different church backgrounds from all over South East Essex.

We gather to worship, share communion, hear the word and share in events in the local community and beyond.We are not here to work in isolation but to build God's Kingdom by sharing and working with other churches and organisations in the area.

24th March      Theydon Bous Baptist     6pm

7th April          Abridge Village Hall          5:30pm

14th April         Abridge Village Hall         09:15am

21st April        Abridge Village Hall          5:30pm

5th May          Abridge Village Hall          5:30pm

12th May        Abridge Village Hall          09:15am

19th May        Abridge Village Hall          5:30pm

26th May        Theydon Bois Baptist       6pm

Called to Worship

Christians are called to worship God with the whole of their lives (Romans 12:1). However, we are not meant to be solitary but called as a body, a church, to come together and worship God (Colossians 2:15-17).  He also invites us to come regularly together into his presence with praise and prayer for teaching from his Word. These experiences of worship should be amongst the richest in our lives, joyful, inspiring and awesome.

Worship is the natural outpouring from believers to express their love for the Lord.  Worship can include songs, prayer, mediation, testimony, poetry, drama and should encompass all ages.  Worship is an important and integral part of our meetings.

Our worship is live and is led by our worship leaders, musicians and singers.  We sing contemporary Christian songs and praise God with songs that churches all over the world are singing.  Our band currently includes keyboards, guitarists and drummers.